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    Learning RH7 After Upgrade from RH6

      I am trying to learn the new features of RH7 by reading the Reviewer's Guide for "Adobe RoboHelp 7 Spectabular New Author-Friendly Features" and am finding the "instructions" confusing and inaccurate. In particular, I work through the steps for User Defined Variables but when I try to insert a UDV it simply inserts the word I want to replace witht the same word. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong--I've reviewed the actual Help in RH7 as well as this Reviewer's Guide--and the Help doesn't help me. Either I'm totally misunderstanding something in the instructions of either of these documents or they are inaccurate. I do not know where to turn for assistance in learning the new features.

      In addition, when I compiled the sample project (Customer Care) that didn't contain any changes I had made, the Help simply wasn't quite right--breadcrumbs didn't work correctly, for one example.

      I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed--right now I'm just spinning my wheels.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Kitlee3

          On the variables, indeed it will appear that nothing has changed if you are inserting a variable that contains the same text as what is being replaced. But if you hover your mouse over the text you should see a small popup that indicates it is actually a variable.

          One of my favorite uses of variables is CompanyName and CompanyAcronym. If you used these two variables in topics you might see AmeriCan MEthods and ACME. But when you went to generate your output you would have an option to configure the variables to something different. For example, WidgetCo and WC. And the output would then contain WidgetCo and WC wherever the variables appeared.

          As for the breadcrumbs, you may be expecting something different than what you get. Note there are two different types of breadcrumb trails.

          * Historical (Presented in a list containing the order in which topics have been viewed)
          * Hierarchal (Presented in a list based on a Hierarchy, such as the Table of Contents)

          RoboHelp breadcrumb trails are the latter. They are based on where the topic exists in the Table of Contents.

          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick
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            Kitlee3 Level 1
            Thanks, Rick. I will work through these items again with your information at hand.