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    Problems with the Preview & Start in AE


      Hello guys,


      I have a problem with Adobe After Effects and already searched for some days in the Internet to solve these problems, but so far nothing worked.


      1. Problem: AE hangs on startup at 'MediaCore wird intialisiert' (sorry I am German and I don't know the correct English term) and takes about 5 minutes or longer to start (a few days before it worked within 1 minute)


      I already found this topic:After Effects CS5 hangs on startup


      • "Please remove or uninstall any third party AVI codecs" - But I don't know any 3-party-programs on my computer. The only one installed is QuickTime.
      • Also the mentioned process "Adobe QT32 Server" isn't showing up in my active processes. It is described that you should allow the communication between AE and this process by specifying it as an exception in the firewall, but as already mentioned: I found no similar process.


      2. Problem: Suddenly the (RAM) Review is only possible for 1 second (maximum)


      My problem is actually quite well described in this topic, but there are no answers (and its German again, sorry for that): https://www.slashcam.de/info/ploetzlich-extrem-verkuerzte-ram-preview-505124.html


      • No settings or requirements have been changed so I don't understand these abrupt problems. I have 8GB of RAM and some days before it worked with the same project as normal with 30sec.
      • It seems that this problem occurs with the first problem which is described above, so maybe if I can solve the first one, the second one is solved too?


      I hope you can help me!