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    PPDs Missing after 2017 Indesign Install -- A Prepress MUST


      I just had an issue that I thought I would share.. I went to print to my Xitron RIP for the first time after installing Indesign CC 2017.


      All my files were printing out in 8.5x11 - when, in fact, the document setting was 22.25 x 17.25.  After finding no results in my search amongst community members I launched an investigation of my own. 


      What I found was that despite Adobe telling me it was saving all my presets and settings.. it failed to make a ppd folder in the presets folder.  As soon as I made a presets folder and relaunched Indesign 2017, everything worked properly. 


      I found the needed spot to be:   applications > Adobe Indesign 2017 > Presets -- add "PPDs" folder here and place your ppds inside.  Relaunch Indesign 2017 and all will be right with the world again.


      Hope this saves others time..


      Janet Loper