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    Unable to Position Pop-Up Menus, Please Help!!!

      In CS3 whenever I created a popup menu on a button I was able to manually move it around afterward to position it just right. But now in CS4 I am unable to move the popup menu with my mouse. When I do it snaps back to its old position which is at the left uppermost corner of the button. I even tried to position it from the Pop Up Menu Editor by putting in values in the X and Y boxes but even that makes no difference. The menu's are unmovable. Why is this happening?

      Thank You
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          I found a bizarre work around for the pop-up menus that will not seem to retain any changes made in the pop-up menu editor. As soon as you finish making the changes in the editor and hit Done, go to the library (either document library or common library) and double click on the symbol to which the pop-up menu is attached. Click the Edit button. Then finish the editing by hitting the left arrow at the top left of the workspace. Now the changes to the pop-up menu have been saved.