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    Premiere Elements 13 'Has stopped working' when starting up


      I am furious.


      I go to open PE13 and I get standard 'Has stopped working' message when the program is starting up. Cant even open program by clicking a file made within it.


      Been on remote access with a Adobe employee all morning to which he just gave up after we re-installed the program and he left me in administration mode (I was very confused as to how to get back to my personal account, which still has admin privileges) and didnt hang about for me to ask more questions. He just told me to go here and ask instead and left.


      Windows 10. No hardware changes or moved access files. Just wont load at all now.


      I've lost a mornings worth of work due to being unable to use the program and I'm angry and upset at the service I have received. It was all going so well and I would have been happier if it was not for the abrupt ending of our session.


      Windows 10, if that matters.