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    Distributing Apps to iOS devices and Windows 8.1 phones to restricted group

    RevolverRelayer Level 1

      We would like to develop a relatively simple app (essentially a knowledge base) for use primarily on iOS and  Windows 8.1 phones for employees only : the app should not be available to anyone outside the organisation and therefore shouldn't appear in the normal App store.



      * Having researched this, it looks like the answer for iOS is to distribute using the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Has anyone managed to do this, and will it definitely work with apps generated by PhoneGap build CLI?



      * For Windows, it seems more complicated. One option might be to get the apps on the store as Beta (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/uwp/publish/beta-testing-and-targeted-distributio n) which can target up to 10,000 users. However, two drawbacks are there is no way to revoke access, and I guess this isn't really the intended purpose for the Beta system.



      Alternatively, the other option (other than the store, which can't be used as the app is restricted to a group of users as mentioned) seems to be using Intune (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/deploy-use/add-apps). Has anyone done this with a Phonegap app? However, this requires access to management of the corporate Intune configuration, which our department won't have.



      If anyone has any useful advice or guidance, it would be much appreciated!