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    Why is it so hard to convert the indesign document to pdf?


      I am frustrating alot here as there is no help to get from the Adobe on this one. I can not remember to have had this problem before, but now I do so here goes.


      This is about the spread or layout in indesign. I am using an olkd version, but that havent been a problem before. Iam considering to purchase the new version, but thinking there is no point if the same problem pops up.


      When you work on an indesign dokument the paper spreads are two and two beside each other. But ID starts with one document or a single layer on top for the fron page right? So you create a fron page.


      Problem is when you then have ready made Photoshop documents that need two spreads, the the fun begins. If you have one frontpage and you continue with a A3 sized layout on the two next pages, it is impossible to convert it into a pdf document. cause when the PDF document is showing the spread it starts with a double spread, where I here would prefer to create the first and last page at first.


      Instead you get the frontpage and page 2 beside eachother. Problem is that side 2 and 3 are connected, so when you convert from ID to PDF, all the sides are misrepresented. It looks messy and awful. How are one suppose to make two pages that are connected if the export and acrobat destroys the whole layout. I can not remember it use to be like this before so maby there is something i have overlooked?


      please helt, my time is running out.:(