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    Accepting video content via hard drive

    MatHayward Adobe Employee

      Hi All,


      Just a friendly reminder that we are still accepting hard drives with your video content to help streamline the upload process for you. We have had some great interest in this program and I want to ensure it stays top of mind for you.


      If you are an existing videographer who has at least 500 HD (or better) clips that are ready for submission, email us at stockvid@adobe.com to arrange to have a hard drive sent to one of our office locations. Please include your location, the amount of content you have (number of clips and size in GB), your existing Adobe Stock or Fotolia account information and the category your content falls under (Lifestyle, Nature, Business, etc.)


      Requirements for hard drive submissions:


          500 or more clips

          HD 1080 or 4k frame size

          Files must comply with our video specifications

          Have appropriate metadata embedded into each clip or a single CSV file with all necessary information that matches with the number of videos being submitted.


      Kind regards,

      Mat Hayward