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    Displacement effect not affecting all layers below the same way [locked - duplicate thread]


      I am trying to apply the Jittery Effect I found here to the light beams on the train tracks (Jittery Type After Effects Tutorial - YouTube ) where it uses the displacement and fractal noise effects. I tried applying them to the beams I generated for each of the 4 lines for the train tracks. It only seems to apply it to the first 2 beams (beams 1 & 2) on the left side and it seems when I change the position of the beams to make them look like they do on the right train tracks it doesnt work for those anymore. They look like they jitter slightly on the starting and ending points of the beams on the right (beams 3 & 4) but not correctly. I can't figure out what would be the issue, I have included screenshots to try and explain my project and point out my settings. I have also included a short video export of the effect in motion. I would really appreciate the help!


      Video Clip Example: 21cls.com/downloads/neon-train-tracks-02.mp4



      screenshot 01 below:


      screenshot 02 below: