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    Mobile Sync stopped working in Windows

    bigtench Level 1

      Although LR indicates that it synching with mobile nothing is actually synching. There are several new pictures to download. If I open Preferences->Lightroom Mobile there is an Error under pending activity:


      Database "C:\Users\vic\Pictures\Lightroom 4 Catalogue\VGK Photography Catalogue\VGK Photography Catalogue-2-2.lrcat": NOT NULL constraint failed: AgLibraryOzFavoriteIds.ozSpaceId

        Statement: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO AgLibraryOzFavoriteIds

        ( ozCatalogId, ozSpaceId, ozAssetId, ozFavoriteId, timestamp )

        VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ) (error code 19)


      How do I fix this!


      I tried optimising the catalogue - no difference.