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    Security error accessing ur unable to load wsdl


      I am using a webservice(.net webservice) that is on my localhost and using it in flex application that is also on my system. Means both the webservice and flex application are on the same system.
      But when i gives the reference of the webservice using the system ip and run the application by the flex builder it generates the error as:

      body = (Object)#1
      clientId = "DirectHTTPChannel0"
      correlationId = "24CD6542-F141-1A05-BA35-00A108CB30A0"
      destination = ""
      extendedData = (null)
      faultCode = "Channel.Security.Error"
      faultDetail = "Destination: DefaultHTTP"
      faultString = "Security error accessing url"
      headers = (Object)#2
      messageId = "CC123DF0-0E6C-05FF-7894-00A109676283"
      rootCause = (flash.events::SecurityErrorEvent)#3
      bubbles = false
      cancelable = false
      currentTarget = (flash.net::URLLoader)#4
      bytesLoaded = 0
      bytesTotal = 0
      data = (null)
      dataFormat = "text"
      eventPhase = 2
      target = (flash.net::URLLoader)#4
      text = "Error #2170: Security sandbox violation: http://localhost:3000/MYCIMS/flex_bin/Design.swf cannot send HTTP headers to http://myip/MyServer/AdminWS.asmx."
      type = "securityError"
      timestamp = 0
      timeToLive = 0

      I have put crossdomain.xml file in the root of the localhost and made every changes possible in the crossdomain.xml file but the application is not running.
      Please somebody provide an effective solution, I have spend lots of time to resolve the problem but its not being....

      Thanks in advance
      Gopi Saini