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    Acrobat X vs Acrobat XI


      Hi all,


      This is my first post here in this forum. I have a license of both Acrobat X and XI Pro.

      I have been using this to flatten the files using the action wizard. I have noticed that Acrobat X is faster than XI. This is because in XI, it is displaying every page that it is converting. Can someone advise if the preview can be disabled on Acrobat XI? I can't seem to find the option of doing it. I have selected the folder and configured the option to flatten the files. As soon as I run the action, it opens every file and starts the process.


      In Acrobat X, I just specify the folder then configure the settings and it runs automatically. In Acrobat X, it is processing 5 pages per second while in Acrobat XI it is processing 1 page per second. This is very important especially when processing thousand files.


      Logically, the newer version should be better than the old one.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Your findings are correct, unfortunately. Acrobat X had a much better Action Wizard capability that XI (and DC).

          One of the major drawbacks in XI was that each file was loaded and displayed on the screen before it was processed, which slowed down the entire process by a lot. There are various other issues with the Actions in XI (for example, you can't tell it not to process non-PDF files), so I would recommend you stick with X for as long as possible, or look for an alternative application, as Acrobat has become unsuited for serious batch processing purposes.

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            sohcy Level 1

            Hi try67 - Thanks for your quick response. I will stick to Acrobat X then.