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    Flash CS4 keeps crashing

      Hello All,

      I am a new Flash user - so please forgive me if i sound like a total newbee because I am. Anyhow - I am trying to put flash on my website. I have created .mov files using Final Cut Express 4. I would then convert the .mov file to a FLV4 file using Adobe Media Encoder CS4. Then When I try to create a SWF file using Adobe Flash CS4 - the system crashes and closes down before it loads up completely . When I am using smaller files it works fine - but the movie i am trying to load up into flash is about 19 minutes long and it won't let me load it up before it crashes. By the way - I am using MAC

      I have a few questions - is the movie just too long, or is it just a bug?
      What is the best way (or what software should I use) to create flash movies for a website (keeping in mind I want the flash to look as good as possible)
      Generally the movies will be about 10 min in length but could also get up to 20 minutes as well.