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    Only first frame of animated vector shows up when importing PSD sequence into AE


      I'm importing a sequence of layered PSD's into AE with the intention of doing some cleanup. One of the layers contains an animated vector mask, which I need to edit in a few problem areas, where the animation is not perfect.


      When importing the sequence, I check Photoshop Sequence, and import as Composition - Retain Layer Sizes w/ Editable Layer Styles.


      The other non-vector layers all import properly, as in each frame is loaded into the comp in its proper place, and I am able to work with them just fine. The vector layer DOES import, but when I open up the layer in AE, it appears that only the first frame was loaded (It doesn't matter where I move in the timeline, the vector remains static).


      Is there a way to get AE to load in the vector from each individual frame in the sequence? I understand AE may not be able to recognize the fact that the vector is animating throughout the sequence and convert the animation to key frames, but even if it could just read in a new vector for every frame, accurate to what was presen tin each PSD file, that would be sufficient for me to do the editing I need to do.


      I hope that all makes sense.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!