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    AE 14.0 unresponsive on preview stop

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      Hi everyone. Using late 2015 MBP15" with quad-core i7 and 16GB RAM.

      One of the comps in a project I noticed can get unresponsive when previewing (by hitting the spacebar) and pausing. The actual preview plays along with the audio. If I hit the spacebar again or hit esc, it will still continue caching and playing further down the comp and then loop it out forever. It never pauses really and makes AE unresponsive. I'm not using any 3rd party effects in the comp. I'm not using anything heavy on the CPU either. Any other comp or pre-comp works just fine.


      I'm happy to give more information on this. Just let me know what is needed to troubleshoot.


      If you guys have noticed any ismilar behaviour, what's your remedy?