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    lost all lightroom cc data after switch from "trial" to "purchased"


      Dear team,


      I decided to give the lightroom cc a go, after experiencing how well it sings on my ipad pro. I started the 30 day trial of lightroom mobile and tested it over the weekend. It worked perfectly.

      I thought, in that case I'll run a test of the desktop app on my office PC, which again, integrated all files from the ipad (and the iphone) seamlessly. That pushed me on to the ultimate task, to install lightroom CC on my 2010 iMac. It al installed well, and loaded quickly, however, it didn't update the data base at all. It just said it was waiting for connection. When I decided to go for the pay monthly plan and purchase it, then it immediately started syncing... nothing. My library on the ipad and iphone completely empty, nothing on them. Seems that the purchase nuked my database. It's only the work of the weekend lost, and I have the original files, so it's not a disaster as I was expecting trouble. However, I believe I'm not the first one writing about these problems, so if you see a way to retrieve my database, then please let me know.


      Kind regards,