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    In LR, the visual record of blemish removal on the image using the healing tool is no longer visible on the image?

    BH888@aol.com Level 1

      Whenever I have activated the spot healing tool in LR4, I have always seen "circles" where the healing tool was applied a number of times previously to that image.  If I ever want to delete a particular, prior application of the healing tool (i.e., before the last application of the tool), I locate it visually, activate it by clicking, and then delete it.  By looking at the facial image I am working on, I can see at a glance all blemish removal corrections that I've made and delete any one of them in this manner, if I choose.


      As I was working on an image, I inadvertently hit a key on the keyboard, and now only the most recent employment of the healing tool is visible.  No longer do I have a visual representation of past spot removals made; only the most recent.


      If I move to the next image and then return to the previous image, there is no visual representation of any prior spot removals on that previous image at all, - not even the last/most recent correction.


      Question:  How do I reactivate the LR feature that illustrates a visual history of the spot healing tool on the image?   How do I (how did I) deactivate the feature, if I ever want to see an uncluttered image, free of a visual history of "correction marks"?