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    mac pro vs 15" macbook pro (late 2016)


      where to best spend ~$3k ? ... under the assumption that LR's develop module can benefit from multicore processors (with diminishing returns above 6 cores) ... based ONLY on performance (not display/screen, portability, etc.) which Apple would be the better choice for primarily LR performance (PS, etc., performance a distant consideration). Although assuming comparable HDD/SSD, unclear IF the 16GB RAM MBP limit is an issue ? Assume the Radeon Pro 460 in the MBP, though unclear the LR performance difference with Pro 455 or 450 ?


      while the geekbench scores for the new macbook pro aren't out, unlikely they compete against the any later mac pro (multicore) ...

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          Art M. Level 1

          I am returning a MacBook Pro 15" 2016 with AMD 460.   It ran ok in D mode when I unchecked the graphics GPU in preferences, but when I checked the box for graphics GPU then D mode ground to a halt. 


          Apple Store genius bar diagnosed a "voltage problem" with my machine.   Maybe so, and I am returning it.   But I am also going to wait before buying another one to see whether other people report the same problem that I did.


          Did I have the GPU problem because of voltage regulation or is there some incompatibility between Lightroom software and the GPU that Apple is using?


          If you buy this machine I recommend that the first thing you do is either (a) install lightroom and test it with and without GPU turned on, and (b) go to Apple Store and have them preemptively run full diagnostics as a precaution.


          It would have saved me several days of time, doing installations on my new machine and then many hours diagnosing the problem. 



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            I'm receiving a similarly configured MBP next week and I use Lightroom mostly so I will definitely check if the GPU enabled option works for me.