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    2 Accounts Opened -- 1 by mistake and now I'm being charged


      A couple months back I set up an account and then lost the email/password. When I thought that account was lost, I set up a new one.

      Last month I canceled my account and paid the $29.99 fee. Now my husband says that we've been charged by Adobe $29.99 again -- When I called Adobe they said that they've actually charged me 29.99 for two months because this was a separate account (the one I couldn't find before and thought it was never officially set up??).  So, even though Adobe realizes I haven't ever used this acccount -- I can't seem to cancel and get a refund.


      I'm still confused which email is associated with this account that is still open but I want it canceled and would like to be refunded since this was a mistake and I never purchased/tried free photos from this account.


      I can provide case numbers.