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    Old Premiere 9 for mac crashing


      I have super old Premiere 9:) and it is craching all the time. Is there some free update or some other way to fix it?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say which version of OS or OSX you're working on -- but you're certainly not going to find a free patch to run version 9 on El Capitan or Sierra. Are you running the program in compatibility mode?


          Meantime, I'd definitely recommend downloading the free trial of version 15. The program is light years ahead of where it was in back in 2010, so there are a number of great reasons to update to, at the very least, version 12. In fact, version 9 won't even edit most of the standard video formats that people shoot today! And you should be able to find used or old copies of version 12 or 13 at a very reasonable price.


          I'm sure if you do upgrade, you'll never look back!

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            tomik16252031 Level 1

            Not at my desk now, So cannot check my version.


            But I bought my iMac on 2011. Besides all these. I am rather old too:)


            I think 15 wont work but possibly 12 is ok?