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    Purchased, installed and registered Lr6 during LrCC trial period; trial is over problems using my purchased software.

    Ron E

      I had previously been running Lr5.7 and then tried LrCC during a free trial period.  I actually preferred to have the software on my own computer so I can use it whenever I want, rather than pay for it monthly and not use it.  So I purchased Lr6, installed it on my computer and registered it during that trial period.  After the trial period ended, Lr6 that was installed on my computer no longer worked; I'd open it and it would just freeze.


      Just to check to ensure this wasn't just a Lr problem, I tried to open my Ps program as well that I also have on my computer - no problem.  After doing that I tried Lr6 again, which resulted in the following message:


      Configuration Error
      Please uninstall and reinstall the product.
      If this problem still occurs please contact Adobe Technical Support for help and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.
      Error: 16


      So I did just that: uninstalled, reinstalled and re-registered my Lr6 software and everything was working fine.  That was two days ago (Sat 5 Nov).


      Today (Mon 7 Nov) I tried to open Lr6 and the same thing happened again (the Configuration Error message).  Do I really have to uninstall, reinstall and licence my purchased software AGAIN (that would be the third time)?


      I tried the Ps option again thinking it may clear the problem.  Ps opened without any problem but when I tried Lr, I get a prompt to sign in to Adobe and licence my software.  Is this a cue for LrCC?  I'm not using LrCC and have no desire to do so.  I have Lr6 installed on my computer, which I purchased and registered and now I can't use it.