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    Anyone help in creating something like this

      I'm trying to create a menu like this in CS4...can anyone help me plz...
      http://www.diorhomme.com/content/homeen2.html http://www.diorhomme.com/content/homeen2.html%3Ca%20target=_blank%20class=ftalternatingbar linklarge%20href=">

      enter website and you will see the menu i'm talking about.
        • 1. Anyone help in creating something like this
          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          There are three things you can look into to realize something like this.

          First, Google a "Flash drop down menu tutorial" and learn how to create one.

          Next, figure out how to have one button (movieclip) tell the other buttons (movieclips) but itself to disappear when you mouse over that button, and reappear when you mouse out of the button. You could use one function shared by all the buttons, wherein the one that called the function is left alone.

          Lastly look into Tweens to make the buttons that disappear/reappear do so gradually rather than instantly. It could be done using timeline animation as well, where each button (movieclip) has a fade-out and a fade-in motion tween for its timeline.