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    JAWS / Flex : Screen reader support, enable forms mode... and keyboard. :(

    Gaius Coffey Level 2

      We have a legacy Flash / Flex application with full accessibility that used to work perfectly with JAWS screen reader.

      While reviewing it recently, we found it was not possible to either use the app or navigate with JAWS running as; 1. All keyboard controls for navigation are intercepted by JAWS 2. None of the accessibilityProperties of Flash / Flex are recognised.

      Back when the app was first built, scripts were required to integrate with JAWS but all the links to these scripts are now broken / not maintained and one of the links I found states that the scripts are no longer required since version 11 of JAWS (JAWS is now on version 18!).


      There is also supposed to be a "forms" mode that switches the input methods of JAWS to support form entry - this used to be picked up automatically, but clearly fails for Flash in all browsers I tested now.




      Please can somebody point me to any references or assistance on how to allow JAWS and Flex to work together so that JAWS can recognise the innumerable accessibilityProperties definitions that are built in and so that Flash / Flex can receive and process the essential keyboard entry strokes required to navigate without a mouse?


      Thanks, G


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