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    Grabbing a "trapped" text box for editing

    gpuccini25 Level 1

      A client of mine sent me a PDF musical score for translation.  Everything was going along just fine, until I found a text box that needed to be translated, hiding behind another text box that contains critical musical information that cannot be moved.  I've tried sending the musical box to the back or "backwards," but nothing I do helps me get to the text box that is trapped behind it, which I need to edit.  If I try moving the musical box or deleting it and putting it back, I can edit the text box, but I can never manage to get the musical information quite back where it was (and it is really critical that it stay in the exact same place).  Any ideas on how I can get to the text box to translate it, or at the very least paste a 100% opaque one over it to hide the one I don't need?  Thanks in advance!