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    Muse CC 2017 & reCAPTCHA v2 inside lightbox issue

    SMGJohn_EU Level 1

      I have encountered a really ugly issue with the new Adobe Muse CC 2017 at work, somehow when I update all the forms inside the lightboxes to reCAPTCHA v2 it breaks reCAPTCHA and it goes stuck into an infinitive loading loop, the reCAPTCHA v2 works just fine on a regular form outside a lightbox but not when it is inside a lightbox for some reasons, the work around that I found was simply just make another page and paste the form into there and make it return them back to the original page after they submitted the form.


      Another major issue is that the lightbox used to be fixed on the screen, I liked this because it allowed for a big lightbox that technically would fit all screens, now it gets fixed on the screen instead of the page so whenever you scroll with the lightbox open it follows you, this is a problem when you have smaller screens and the lightbox is too big in my case it is too long so some content is cut off at lower resolutions, it is 2016 now and you would expect that we would get a lightbox that you can scroll through and fix the screen so the background does not scroll when the lightbox is open.


      Right now the lightbox solution is no longer working and even for pictures it is too big for certain screens, making the lightbox clip which makes the entire point of using it to begin with useless, I rather have a feature letting the lightbox automatically scale to the screen size which many many websites uses today, making many pages and having the buttons take you there just so you can use some features is not ideal, this is methods we used back in the 90s when we made websites.


      Am I doing something wrong? Everything worked fine in Adobe CC 2015.1.2 but now everything is just screwed basically when it comes to lightboxes.