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    Actualizar ColdFusion 9 a ColdFusion 2016


      Desde la web de Adobe sólo puedo comprar licencia de ColdFusion 2016 como upgrade de ColdFusion 10 u 11, pero no del 9. ¿Existe alguna manera de lograrlo o tendré que comprar una licencia completamente nueva?


      Por otro lado, ¿existe algún contacto comercial en España de ColdFusion?

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          carl type3 Level 4

          >From the Adobe website I can only buy ColdFusion 2016 license as a ColdFusion 10 or 11 upgrade, but not CF9. Is there any way to do this or will I have to buy a brand new license?


          Now CF9 has been Adobe end of life since end 2014 I expect it is no longer a product version offering that can be upgraded.


          >On the other hand, is there any commercial contact in Spain of ColdFusion?


          Am in Australia so don't know for Europe.


          Regards, Carl.

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