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    Dreamweaver Snippets not updating from 'CC 2017 Beta' to '2017'



      I have just updated to Dreamweaver CC 2017 from Dreamweaver CC 2017 Beta.  And am having problems with snippets not syncing.


      I have been using the betas (1, 2 & 3) for the last few months and made sure to sync my Snippets to the Creative Cloud via automatic syncing, which has been working fine.


      However on updating to CC 2017 and checking import settings box these have not been updated, all my recent snippets are not appearing.  Only the ones from the older (pre beta) version Dreamwever are showing up.


      This is literally hundreds of snippets, across dozens of hours of work, which I am sure you will agree is rather disconcerting to lose.


      Edit: I have just also seen that this isn't limited to snippets but also all other Sync settings.  Sites, Keyboard shortcuts, workspaces and Application preferences.


      Is there any way to restore these from CC?
      Alternatively I still have DW CC2017 Beta installed are these somewhere in a folder as a local hard copy not just in the cloud that I use?

      Finally when I try to open the Beta I just get a modal window saying thanks for participating in the beta.  Very frustrating to have them there and yet not be able to access them!


      System: Windows 10

      Things I have tried


      1. Restarting dreamweaver
      2. Checking import settings in the preferences -> Sync menu


      Any help gratefully appreciated