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    Example graph gives error

    DavideBarranca Level 1
      I've just copied and pasted the code from pages 59-62 (Complete complex example), the SimpleGlow graph. Maybe I did something wrong, but I keep having an error saying "(line 127) Metadata does not match any library node".
      In my .pbg line 127 is where start the boxblur2 node, which is a call to the BoxBlur kernel. Any thought?
      Thanks in advance,
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          AIF Bob Level 3
          You did nothing wrong, unfortunately I did. I changed the namespace we were using for the examples to make things clearer, and of course forgot to change it everywhere that was necessary. The code around line 127 looks like this:

          name="BoxBlur" vendor="Adobe"
          namespace="Node Test" version="1" >

          it should look like this:

          name="BoxBlur" vendor="Adobe"
          namespace="Tutorial" version="1" >

          Thanks for spotting this, we will fix it in the next version of the documentation.
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            T Beddard Level 1
            With Photoshop CS4 or AfterEffects on the Mac with any of the graph examples I get the error:

            ERROR: (line 1):'?' : syntax error parse error

            I tried retyping the examples out by hand instead of copying from the PDF incase extra hidden characters were being copied but it just doesn't seem to like the xml header on the first line before it even gets to the <graph > tag:
            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

            My file is getting saved as utf-8. Is there a discrepancy between the Mac and PC versions of the PB plugin?
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              Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
              the problem is a bug in the plug-in and after effects. They are using the file extension to determine if a file is a Pixel Bender Kernel or Graph. If you set the file extension to .pbg for graphs, that should fix the problem.
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                I have the same error,


                I changed it to be  .pbg file and still same problem.


                I'm using the 2.5 toolkit perhaps i should change the version ?

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                  unique_screenname_here Level 3

                  Please post a description of the problem you are seeing and the filter you are using to reproduce the problem.