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    Working with two machines




      I work with LR6 on two machines, one is my desktop with two external drives where I keep my pictures and catalog. I have a second portable Surface pro 3 with only 125 GB of memory. Since there is no Mobile LR for windows tablets, I cannot use this solution. Therefore I would have to download LR on this tablet too, which I am allowed by my CC subscription.  I know about common solutions on how to work in two machines in this case, but they do not work for me for the following reasons:


      Using a portable Hard Drive: It is to big and dangerous to keep carrying it

      Sincronizing catalog and pictures through Dropbox or One Drive: The limited HD memory on my Surface does not permit this options since I have to sinc the full catalog and pictures.


      So my question is: Can I work with lightroom full program on my Windows Tablet using only sincronized smart previews colections?


      I thank you all beforehand for an answer or sugestions on the best procedure in this case.