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    Feature/Improvement Suggestion - Stop Logging Me Out

    rabellcom Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am a graphic designer who sits with Adobe Stock open on my browser for what seems like all day most days.  It drives me crazy how often Adobe Stock logs me out of my account when I am logged in.  If I go work on something for an hour and come back, I am already logged out and have to login again.  And the login process is not fast, the site moves pretty slow.  This is incredibly frustrating.  Most websites will let you stay logged in for a few days a time, even Gmail.  Why does the security have to be so tight?  Is a hacker going to steal my laptop while I'm at Starbucks at raid my stock photo credits?  This is driving your subscribers crazy for no reason at all, completely unnecessary.  Is there a place to file official Adobe feature or improvement requests?