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    Using drive path either local or mapped is intermittent




      When calling Webhelp from a C++ application running on windows 7 using a drive path works sometimes and sometimes not.


      When using a web server it works rock solid.


      Here's the samples;


      CString s_help_server = "file:///z:/webhelp/wlib9_2hlp.htm>Window"; //mapped drive file based intermittent


      CString s_help_server = "c:/inetpub/wwwroot/webhelp/wlib9_2hlp.htm>Window"; //file based intermittent


      CString s_help_server = "http://TANK_2005/webhelp/wlib9_2hlp.htm>Window"; //web based solid


      CString s_help_server = "http://localhost/webhelp/wlib9_2hlp.htm>Window"; //web based solid local computer



      We really would like it to work with a mapped drive solidly,


      We updated to RH11 and also are using the CSH_API that came with that.


      Appreciate any help or insights.