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    Image.draw() lineSize fails on horizontal/vertical lines

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      Is there any good way to get around the fact that the imaging lingo draw()
      function with #lineSize > 1 fails when the line is either near-horizontal or
      near-vertical? It works at every other angle, but when the difference
      between top and bottom or left and right is less than the lineSize, you end
      up with a thinner line, as small as 1 pixel for perfect horizontal/vertical,
      regardless of how high you set the #lineSize. I've been fudging it by
      forcing one end of the line to move if the values are too close, but this
      ends up sacrificing accuracy, and the line doesn't always end up where you
      want it. And before anyone says anything, no I can't replace it with a rect
      of some sort, because I don't know the angle of the line ahead of time, and
      have to account for all possibilities.