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    Can't connect to the server

      Hi. I created an application by New -> Other -> ColFusion / Flex Application Wizard. I created a page which includes some query. I m connecting to remote server. Everythings is ok, i can reach all database and make page as i want with tables. But when i finish the wizard and run the application, i m getting this error:

      errorID = 0
      faultCode = "Client.Error.DeliveryInDoubt"
      faultDetail = "Channel disconnected before an acknowledgement was received"
      faultString = "Channel disconnected"
      message = "faultCode:Client.Error.DeliveryInDoubt faultString:'Channel disconnected' faultDetail:'Channel disconnected before an acknowledgement was received'"
      name = "Error"
      rootCause = (null)

      What causes this? How can i solve my problem? Please help.

      Best redargs
      Zafer Altun