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    Need help with this colors problem !


      I have rendered my video in Sony Vegas by using the these settings



      but i have to add some effects by using Adobe After Effects CS6
      but the problem is this



      VLC Player showed me the brighter version of the video which i like and want
      On the other hand Media Player showed me the dark version of the video which also i see it when i import the video to AE and which i don't like


      so the real question is how to get the brighter version of that video in AE and how to render it with the best setting to make it look the same in every video player




      Any ideas ?

      Thanks in advance .

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          to make it look the same in every video player

          That's impossible. Different players use different acceleration methods, Gamma settings etc. just like different formats and Codecs use different settings for some of this stuff. In your case the simple issue is that a) you have completely mistweaked your monitor, b) neitehr Vegas nor VLC respect color profiles in their default settings and c) on the other hand Adobe apps and Windows Media Player do use the monitor profile. You have to read up on how this stuff works and establish some form of color management or at least correct your crooked monitor color settings.