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    InDesign telling us to convert our own files


      We are getting this message when we try to open files on our server which we created with Adobe CC 2015.


      "InDesign could not open <file name> because it has been created in a newer version - Adobe InDesign CC 2017. Click “Convert” to convert and open this document.


      Content created using features specific to the later version of InDesign may be modified or omitted when you open the document in a previous version."


      Has anyone else seen this message before? I had a chat session with Adobe and the answers I got were, Open the file > Exprt to IDML and reserve. Why would I have to do this for a file we created?

      The other solution offered by Adobe was upgrade to CC 2017. If that is what we have to do fine, but that seems drastic considering the files we created are all of the sudden not being recognized by our software. And the person I chatted with didn't even acknowldege the error message as if it is a normal ocurrence.