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    I can't find my edited PDF-Documents any more...


      Hey there,

      I'm a very unexperienced user from germany (so sorry for any mistakes).

      I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 since a few months now for editing PDF-Documents. These Documents are neither protected in any kind of way and I have no problems writing comments in it.

      Right from the start the program saved the edited documents in a folder called 'Adobe Acrobat' on my tablet. But since two week no more data are saved there...

      I already contacted Samsung and they gave me several advices (like uninstalling the app, check the settings for type of saving etc.).

      But we didn't find anything. The edited files are still there, I can open them through the homepage of Adobe Acrobat, but they seem to be saved somewhere i can't find them.


      I would really appreciate some help!!!

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Marenr84234267,


          As you mentioned that there was  folder of "Adobe Acrobat"  which is not there in your device anymore.

          Could you please help me understanding is it was a folder  you were able to see in the application (Adobe Acrobat) itself or was an icon on the home screen named "Adobe Acrobat" ?

          The reason  I am asking this question, because Adobe Acrobat does not create any specific folder in the device to save the files (unless you do it manually)

          It saves the files in the applications itself (until you dont save or share to a different location)

          As you are able to see the files on the homepage, then it must be saved any one of the location location under-

          My Document

          • Recent
          • Local
          • Document cloud
          • Dropbox
          • Or creative cloud




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            marenr84234267 Level 1

            Hey Akki_24!


            After I installed the Reader the first time, I edited a document and wondered where it would be saved. After searching I found the folder named Adobe Acrobat and all the documents were saved with the same name as before and a number f.e. ...(1) behind it. After I changed the location for saving from the local storage to the SD-Card, the documents didn't appear in the folder below any more.


            I searched in all the folders you mentioned in your answer, but I didn't find anything. For me it's difficult to explain but the settings say the cache storage location for the document cloud is on the tablet and not on the card...

            But there's nothing in the document cloud either...


            Thanks for your answer!