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    Lightroom CC Phenomena II


      I have a new Lightroom conundrum,  Continuing from the first Phenomena from last month,Lightroom CC Catalog phenomena Now every time i import a catalog it appears outside the Digital assets file that it is imported into. We hate this but have learned to live with it.  Normally after Lightroom finishes creating previews and indexing. I am able to grab the folder and drag it into the proper place in the Visual media folder. Today was different. Today it told me that there was an existing folder called 11-05-16  But in the catalog sidebar there was NOT a folder called 11-05-16  So i tried again and this time it asked me if i want to merge this 11-05-16 with the existing folder. I said yes and it made all 850 images disappear. They are not in the Lightroom directory. We searched. They are gone.  Fortunately we always have a copy. But this is disturbing.  So i guess i have 3 big issues here.



      1. Why when importing a catalog does the import appear outside the Directory I've imported it into.


      2. Why does Lightroom keep telling me there is an existing folder that there really isn't or cannot be seen in the sidebar directory.


      3. Why when Merging a folder to an existing folder.  Do all the images I'm moving, mysteriously disappear?


      Please help a brother!

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          dj_paige Level 10

          I don't know most of the answers, other than I think it's the same problem as before.


          You could avoid all of this by using keywords and other metadata, and a very flat boring relatively uninformative folder structure, such as sub-folders by capture date under a single parent folder, with no other structure — people who do this do not report the problems you have. People who organize by keywords and other metadata do not run into these problems, and gain a number of valuable advantages as well.


          3. Why when Merging a folder to an existing folder.  Do all the images I'm moving, mysteriously disappear?

          I'm not 100% sure I know what you mean by "merging a folder to an existing folder", but if I understand you properly, the photos don't "mysteriously disapper", they move to another folder which is what you told Lightroom to do with the photos.