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    Can I show slideshows of large photo collections within Lightroom on a tablet?


      I have large collections of photos in Lightroom.  I show these collections, via a slideshow on a Samsung tablet running a slideshow app, Photcloud Slideshow.  This works well but the photos shown are the JPG or RAW files and do not include the edits made in Lightroom. I can overcome this by exporting my thousands of photos from Lightroom and showing the exported files but this would mean duplicate files that would have to be re-exported after any alterations are made.  Alternatively, I could synch the collections with my tablet but the tablet memory is smaller than the collection and even if I only synch part of the collection it would use up most of the tablet memory and I'm not sure what effect that would have on my Android phone's Lightroom Mobile app as the phone has less memory than the tablet. 

      Question: Is it possible to use an Adobe product to show slideshows without synching, and therefore downloading, the files on to the tablet?

      I am using subscription Adobe CC, Windows 7 PC and Android 6 tablet.

      Thanks, in advance, for your responses.