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    RH 2015 Master page missing from Output Setup display but still used


      Hi. I have upgraded a RH8 project to RH2015. After fixing all issues from the upgrade, the project compiled correctly.

      However just recently, i noticed that the Master page i use is missing from the Output Setup window. The project compiles correctly but i can no longer edit the Master page (for footer date changes) in RH. The workaround is to open the .htt file in Notepad and edit there.


      I can't Import the Master page, RH says the file is already in use. So i am stuck with the workaround.


      Another recent bug in RH caused CHM files to double in size. After much angst, i found that compiling to a folder far, far away fixed the situation.


      These random bugs are quite annoying, especially when i can't figuring out what is going wrong.


      Sue from Hobart