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    Strange image distortion bug



      I'm working with indesign cc 2017 and lately my images in indesign are acting strange (see picture below). If the picture is being moved it will change back to the original image. But after some time it changes back to the distort image. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks


      Schermafbeelding 2016-11-09 om 08.40.12.png

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          Anasuiya Gupta Adobe Employee

          Hi Jesse


          On which OS are you working? Win or Mac? And, also mention the version.



          Anasuiya Gupta

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            jessevankeken Level 1


            I'm working on Mac, version 2017.0, build

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              Anasuiya Gupta Adobe Employee

              Hi Jesse


              Please answer the following questions:

              1. Is it an iMac or a Macbook? Do you have GPU in InDesign enabled?

              2. Is it with a specofic file or with every image? If with a specific file, then please email that as a package to anasgupt@adobe.com

              3. Is the issue seen with only images or graphics or a particular format like eps, jpeg, pdf, etc?



              Anasuiya Gupta

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                Hi Anasuiya,


                I'm having the same issue with random images in documents distorting. So far I've only run into it with JPG files, but because it happens randomly I'm not able to test to see if it also happens with EPS, PDF, etc. Your question about having GPU enabled caught my eye. I've turned it off and found that it solved the issue on one of my documents. (I haven't tried the others yet.) Just for kicks, I'll give you the details of the issue I've been having in case it is different or helps someone else solve their problem.


                Because I've just updated to CC 2017 recently, I'm still opening many files created in the previous version of CC. The image distortions are mainly happening in those files. I'm not sure if I can yet point to a time when they've definitely happened in a newly created document. However, I do know for sure that it has happened in multiple files with multiple images. I often work off of a server, but have tried re-saving the troublesome images locally to see if that solves the problem and it seems to make a difference initially and then the images eventually re-distort. An important note: when exporting to PDF or JPG for final output, the distortion doesn't show. The output version appears to be fine. (Which is good, but it makes designing very challenging!)


                iMac Retina, late 2014 model, running 10.10.5
                CC 2017.0 Release, Build, GPU enabled (usually)


                Let me know if you have any questions.




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                  I'm also having this problem, it started immediately after updating to CC 2017.


                  I've noticed if you toggle the Display Performance between Typical and High Quality you can invoke the problem on some images. I have also noticed that some images that were having this issue no longer do. It's almost like the images needed to be re-rendered after the update.


                  I was working on a big 100 page document which after conversion had lots of redraw issues, now it seems to be much better. So I'm hopeful any new documents will render correctly from the start. Maybe Adobe can offer some advice on if images are being re-rendered after the update?


                  I have the GPU enabled and I'm using the following Mac:


                  OS 10.11.6

                  Adobe InDesign CC 2017.0 (

                  iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)

                  4 GHz Intel Core i7

                  32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

                  AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

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                    Anasuiya Gupta Adobe Employee

                    Hi Leslie and David


                    It seems that while GPU rendering is enabled in InDesign, the distortion of images is taking place in some heavy documents.

                    Is it possible for you to share such files with us in which you saw the issue at anasgupt@adobe.com. This is help us identify the cause for the problem and test it out with documents that already have this issue.



                    Anasuiya Gupta

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                      elizabethg59652902 Level 1

                      I've posted this elsewhere but might help someone:


                      Also experiencing the same issue as above - images sometimes randomly distort and get 'squished'. Export is fine though. Seemed to fix when right clicking the image and selecting High Quality Display.

                      Also you might find that if you go to view>display performance you might have 'Allow Object-Level Display Settings' ticked. This would

                      presumably override the global display settings making some images appear more pixelated than Guybrush Threepwood's todger.

                      For good measure I selected Clear Object-Level Display settings.


                      These are useful settings if you are working on a large document or a particularly huge image is slowing you down because you would be able to set that single image to low quality whilst keeping the rest high quality. However, there seems to be a bit of a bug (?) in CC where these settings are automatically switching and causing confusion. And really, I've seen low res images in my time but these look like 8-bit toilet scrapings.


                      Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.32.05.png

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                        Helpful post and entertaining. '8-bit toilet scrapings'!  

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                          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                          I have seen this on my own computer and on at least a dozen classroom computers—so both Macs and Windows. One file that comes to mind is the Classroom in a Book lesson on color. It's a one-page document, and is not what I would call a "heavy" document.


                          I'll send it to you, Anasuiya.


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                            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            When this happens, since it's a GPU bug, instead of quitting out of the GPU (in Preferences), you can just choose View > Preview on CPU. The shortcut is Shift-E, which toggles between GPU and CPU. I use this shortcut if I see a display anomaly to test if it's GPU related.

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                              Erica Gamet Adobe Community Professional

                              I have this from time to time in very light documents. I just assumed it's because my OS is way out of date (or that I had been drinking without realizing it)! Figured it was a re-draw/GPU issue. Thanks!

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                                elizabethg59652902 Level 1

                                Whilst my fix worked it seems that the GPU bug is the real problem so switching to CPU (Shift-E) as stated above is a faster solution. Adobe have sad they are fixing this.

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                                  jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                                  Elizabeth, my work-around is to select the picture and tap the right arrow key followed by the left arrow key. That seems to work for me.

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                                    RaCreate Level 1

                                    I'm having the same issue. Latest versions of everything. 


                                    The previews are fine on Typical Display, but as soon as I move to High Quality Display it's an issue.


                                    It's particularly bad in a new ground up 12 page document I'm working on at the moment.


                                    I often 'save as' to overwrite, I've re-saved images in photoshop also.


                                    Please help. It's very hard to work with it like this.