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    Adobe Digital Editions


      Hi everyone

      I am having the same issues as everybody else on this forum in not being able to download ADE.

      Bought a Kobo reader in June, up until 4 weeks ago everything was working fine, downloading books from the library, all was good.

      I have uninstalled, installed etc so many times  I have lost count. Yesterday I went on the chat line but as I was doing it from work I had to wait until I was home to get assistance as I was told that they could remote into my computer and fix the problem.

      I have just been on the "chat line"' for the past 30 wasted minutes only to find out that there is no chat line in Australia, no support and no phone number to contact as the phone number has been disconnected and the person assisting me on the chat line knew nothing about ADE, so how can he assist if he knows nothing about the software.

      As the only software to enable me to download books is ADE, it renders the Kobo reader useless....and what a waste of $250.00.

      It really is not good enough that there is no Adobe support for this product.

      I am hoping that a support engineer will read this complaint and do something about it as from reading the posts on this forum there are plenty of people in the same situation and they are not doing a thing about it to help.

      Thanks for reading and if anybody has been successful in sorting out this issue, I would love to hear from you and how you achieved it.