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    importing pictures

    HirkDeKnirk Level 1


      I wonder how to import small pictures (~200 x 200 px) into AE. I would like to show them in a 1920 x 1080 Composition. In Photoshop this pictures looks great. In AE they are obviously blurred.

      I checked the Footage Interpretation, tried different Formats (tga, png, psd, bmp), set the view to 100% and full Quality and rendered a test video to my HDD. This small pictures always looks very bad and different from viewing them with Photoshop or other apps.


      When I drop the small picture onto the "Composition from Footage" Icon AE creates a small Comp with a good looking picture, but if I put this comp into my HD comp quality is gone.

      When I create a 1920 x 1080 File in Photoshop and insert my small picture I can import this in AE without loosing Quality, but I hope to find a better way.

      Is there a limitation, AE only can handle pictures in composition size?


      best regards


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I honestly have no idea what you are talking about, but maybe you are simply ignoring sub-pixel positioning, which would resample your images? Naturally, with images that small this would become pretty apparent. Check your numerical values and make sure they fall onto whole pixel values. Otherwise provide screenshots.



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            HirkDeKnirk Level 1

            Hello Mylenium,


            thanks for your answer. Sub-pixel position was the right hint. I suggested it would be save to use integer values for the position but for unknown reasons the opposite is the right way. See screenshot.blurOnInt.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              200 x 200 is awfully small for a HD comp. You will need 10 of them to make a single row in an HD comp.


              To make life easier all of your images should be an even number of pixels wide and high. The images should be sized so that they will be at 100% scale when they are in their hero position. Hero position is when you have the most important part of the image exactly placed where you want it in your composition.


              You should also be using only the square pixel presets for composition settings. You must have a good understanding of the technical aspects of video formats and compression if you want to create any custom composition. If you are creating a custom comp that should also be an even number of pixels high and wide.