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    Money taken hostage by Adobe


      Dear Community and Adobe Team,


      I've tried to solve this issue with your consultants via chat, but unfortunately with no success. I will describe it as briefly and understandable as possible.

      On 31 October I decided to buy Adobe Premiere monthly plan for 36,89 EUR. I've transferred some polish zlotys (160 PLN) to my exchange bank and after convertion, I had 37 EUR. I tried to buy AP twice, but with no success. I was charged 2 EUR for NOTHING. Too bad Adobe doesn't mention that it will charge you 1 EUR to check validity of your credit card. So, I was charged TWICE for the check procedure and the monies are still missing (it's been 10 days). If Adobe mentioned on the payment page that it charges you 1 EUR additionaly I would've provided sufficient money.


      I was forced to buy Adobe Premiere directly from my polish account via very unfair PLN-EUR exchange rate. I payed 171 PLN (instead of 160 PLN) plus additional 4,33 PLN as a credit card validity check (not again with this BULLSH*T). I don't have to mention that it's been 10 days and these 4,33 PLN were not returned to me.


      To wrap up - instead of paying 160 PLN for the software, I payed ~26 PLN more. That's scandal.

      What Adobe should do?

      1) Inform their customers that they take 1 EUR to check the card (ON THE PAYMENT PAGE, BEFORE MAKING THE PAYMENT AND NOT IN THE FAQ SECTION);

      2) Make sure that this 1 EUR is returned within 48 hours (as they promise). It's been 10 days...


      Please advice what I should do know. If the problem is still unsolved, I will consider resigning from your software (I'm within 14 days that I can return it and get a full refund, assuming that you won't take money hostage again).

      Also please advise, if I decide not to cancel my monthly plan, will I be charged automatically for this? Or is it up to me to decide whether and when I want another month (hopefully...)?


      Kind regards,