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    zooming in to reveal an image in the dot of an 'i'

    emmaTPR12 Level 1

      Here's my latest conundrum, for anyone kind enough to offer advice. I'm putting together a typographic animation, and at one point the camera zooms in on the dot over an 'i' until it fills the screen. What I want to show is that an image is hidden in that dot, so as we zoom in, the image appears, then gets bigger and clearer. I've tried actually increasing the scale and position of the image as the camera moves in, adjusting it carefully frame by frame, but as the dot moves around a bit during the zoom, I can't get the image to smoothly increase in size. It sort of wiggles about as we zoom in, even with easy ease applied. I've also tried making the image layer 3D so it is controlled by the camera rather than manually scaled, but its behaviour during the zoom is even more erratic.


      Can anyone suggest the best way of doing this please? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.