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    Installing Preview 4 and keep Preview 3?



      As Preview 4 isnt able to open Preview 3 files, I originally went through the process of uninstalling After effects and then installing Preview 2 so that I could update to Preview 3 again. Now I have run into the issue where I have an animation running past the maximum time allowed in Preview 3 and will need to use Preview 4.


      Is there a way to simply install Preview 4 separately without it updating over the top of Preview 3? As I have many animations created in Preview 3, I really need to keep it.


      Thanks in advance for you help!

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          If I remember correctly, Preview 4 (or Beta 5) should install in a new separate folder? But it sounds like you went through the process before and that didn't happen...It's been a while so I don't remember for sure. Maybe save a backup zipped copy of it just in case?


          Unless you have a large production currently in Preview 3, I would suggest upgrading to Beta 5. Yes, re-regging characters isn't fun - I had to do it with all 20+ of mine - but the speed/performance increases and new features like dynamic link and shareable .puppet files feel undeniably worth it to me. Your call though!

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            justinev91536064 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. Yes unfortunately I do have a very large amount of puppets that were created in Preview 3. Actually what happened last time was that I did a fresh OS install, and as I reinstalled AE, Preview 4 was automatically there but I hadnt actually tried whilst having Preview 3 already installed.


            I'll give it a go and fingers crossed this works!


            Whilst I am here though could I take the opportunity to ask whether these features are available in Preview4 please?:


            - Is it possible to rename a puppet and scene in the Project box? Previously I have tried create multiple scenes using the same puppet, but it becomes a bit confusing to remember what animation was inside which scene without being able to name the scene


            - If I would like to reuse a puppet previously used in an old file, is it possible to create a duplicate so that it keeps the same set up with sticks, fixed points, transform options etc... that I can create a new animation with, without it effecting the old file?


            - Is it possible to copy takes between scenes? For example, if I would like to copy head movements and keyboard triggers from one scene to another without having to re-record?


            Thanks a lot!

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Good luck!


              1. Yes - press return/enter to rename anything in the project panel.

              2. Not for old files. This was just added into the latest Beta 5 release for the first time with .puppet files.

              3. No take copying across scenes yet, but we've heard this request several times - I'll add your voice to the pile.

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                justinev91536064 Level 1

                The Beta did indeed install separately from Preview 3 so thats all good


                And thanks for answering the other questions. I have also watched the video now on the new features in the beta and this will surely speed things up a bit for me


                Thanks for your help!