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    Multiple Canvas on the same HTML page

    Ricardo Neves

      Hi all.


      I am building a eLearning Player in Adobe CC, similar to one i have in Flash AS3. The player is where you can control the application, with function like play, pause, mute sound, goto next lesson, and so on. There is also a menu where you can launch the lessons you want to do.


      So basically i have several layers of Adobe CC canvas in the same HTML page. The bottom canvas is the player, the midle one is the lessons and the top one is the help movie.


      All works fine, and i can replace the midle canvas with the lessons i want. but i have a problem. After loading and removing several canvas, the animations start to get slow. The more canvas i load the more slow it gets. I remove the canvas from the DOM as well as the associated objects, and variables, but the browser keeps eating memory and geting slower all the time.


      Anyone with a sililar problem found a solution for this?