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    Text variable / running header question

    Spenno Level 1

      Hi there. I am laying out a series of books which repeat text on the page as a helpful sidebar next to it. Previously I laid these out manually, by copying the relevant text and pasting it into the sidebar and changing it into a new style. Time-consuming, and a pain in the backside when the text was altered, as I'd have to cut-paste every sidebar frame onto the new page. So after using some simple running headers effectively elsewhere I began to play with the idea of using character styles to automatically populate the sidebar. I got it to work but with one problem - the spacing in the sidebar text is wrong, almost as if the leading is zero (which it isn't)...

      Variable example.jpg

      Here is the variable in question...

      Variable example 2.jpg

      And here is the desired outcome. You can see the character style I've used in the grey text at the end of the first paragraph.

      Variable example CORRECT.jpg

      Many thanks for any suggestions on how to get that text to space correctly. It's almost as if it can only be on one line, as that's what it's tried to do.