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    AE+Cineware -- problem with extracted camera

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      I'll get to the point with the problem. AE CC 2017 + C4D R17

      I have a file in C4D with camera movement (all 3 keyframes ) the there is a laptop comming into view as the camera moves, and when all of it is visible the camera continues to move in smooth slow movement farther away from the computer. Easy.


      When imported to AE, set in it's own composition i move time indicator to the beginning of the timeline (if not - one sec of layers will be visible, and keyframes would be offset to the end of timeline -wierd) click EXTRACT and this is the point where it gets funny. When I choose import Cinema 4d camera, suddenly it gets slight rebound at the end of last movement, when in the C4D the camera smoothly moves until the last keyframe, but now it looks like the movemen is like a yoyo.


      the problem starts with the precomps and footage I'd like to composit on the laptop's screen. While the laptops moves in it's own Cinema 4D style (good)

      the additional footage follows this strangely behaving camera extracted from the file (bad). I've looked on the internet and tried many ways, nothing works.


      Please help guys, I'd like to try this new for me method. I know I can  export the data to AE and render frames to stills in C4D, but hey, isn't the Cineware there

      to speed up this process?


      Thanks in Advance