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    How to use gotoAndPlay in Animate CC (Canvas) ?

    julien_stormworld Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I guessed it could be very simple (indeed, in Flash and ActionScript, it is !), but
      may be I missed something (or something I don't understand) :


      In my Animate CC document ( HTML5 Canvas ), I have a MovieClip called "myMC" on the stage.

      Inside this movieClip, there is let's say 5 differents frames.

      And there is also  this.stop() on the first frame of this movieClip...


      Could anyone tell me why I can 't target my movieClip ?

      I believed something as simple as this.myMC.gotoAndStop(4) could work...
      but unfortunately, myMC stays at its first frame. Nothings seems to happen.


      How comes ? How can I properly target a movieClip on my stage ?


      Thanks a lot for your answers, and sure, your explanations :-)