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    Who uses Asus Zenbook UX501?



      Does anyone use this Notebook with Premiere Pro? How does it perform?
      I want to use it for some light 4K editing (GoPro...).

      Thank you!


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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It looks pretty good and with proper tuning and outfitting it probably can do your editing.  Different stores and sources have different configurations and I guess from your link you are in Europe.  I can do it on my i7-4700HQ laptop with my 24 GB of RAM and a GTX 765M.

          • The only thing that I would wish and wait for is a 6 GB GTX 1060 GPU instead of that 2 GB GTX 960, a world of performance difference
          • The version I found is advertising a 512GB PCIe SSD but do not be deceived, it is not a Samsung M.2 950/960 Pro class device, it is only SATA III speeds
          • I wish I had a chance to use Premiere on a 4K resolution 15.6" screen, would I need stronger reading glasses?
          • It is limited to 16 GB of RAM
          • If it does come with the single 512 GB SSD you will need another storage device.  On my laptop I have a third storage device which works well it is a Samsung T! (now the T3 is available) that is a USB 3 portable SSD and works great on my laptop. I can have all my current project files and media on it.

          Since it comes in many different configurations you probably should post your configuration on the forum for a final check.

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            gianluca.m Level 1

            Hi Bill

            Thank you for your message.

            I wish they would/could build a Zenbook with a Pascal GPU! But I'm afraid it's not possible because of the size and the heat (?).

            The version I was looking at is a 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HD and I dismissed they idea again. This was the model: ASUS UX501VW-FI078T (15.60", UHD, Intel Core i7-6700HQ, 16GB - digitec

            I am looking now at a HP Omen 15" which is IMO ugly, but has at least a GTX 965M...

            OMEN by HP 15-ax070nz Gaming Notebook i7, 16GB - HP Store Schweiz

            Not sure if I should open another thread, though?!

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Pascal GPU's are more energy efficient than the previous Maxwells.


              Here are some GTX1060 laptops


              Wow, I am impressed with the features of the Aorus notebooks which I have never heard of before but some available from customizer Xotic with the new Samsung 960 Pro M.2 PCIe x4 drives (for future delivery) and they have the overclockable i7-6820HK up to 64 GB of RAM and the GTX 10 series GPU's.  They are not inexpensive but options galore!  Apparently Aorus is affiliated with Gigabyte

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                gianluca.m Level 1


                Thank you for the link. I checked the notebooks and unfortunately most of them aren't available with my keyboard layout (Switzerland). I'll continue my search...